TTM Web Services

Information Technology (IT) Services

With our IT services, we can help with very cost effective personal computer upgrades or repairs of your existing systems or new system installations that fit your business needs, both now and in the future. If you have issues with network configuration or are simply having trouble with your existing computers, we can provide the solution for your business in a very timely manner. We can analyze your business computing methods and then easily suggest what makes the most sense for your business or personal needs.

If you believe your existing computers need upgrading or replacement because of poor performance, it may be your systems simply need a performance tune-up, malware clean-up or a simple, low cost hardware upgrade that can easily result in greater system response without continual replacement of equipment. This can be significant savings if your business owns many personal computers.

System Installation and Upgrades

We can evaluate the age of your systems and make suggestions whether to upgrade the performance of each system or recommend a replacement with modern equipment. In either case, we will specify, purchase, install and configure the new hardware tailored for your business.

Performance enhancements

Your systems may be troubled with malware or bloatware that is slowing them down. We can make measurable performance improvements by simply controlling start up processes, services and registry maintenance. This is where our experience really pays off. The wrong fix by inexperienced users can irreparably damage your operating system.

Network and System Configuration

We can network all your devices and computers so that they can be accessed and shared among all employees. If there are applications that need unattended automation or simply need to run at specific times, we can program any of your systems to fulfill this requirement.